Technological Development

Only-one Technology with Gaianixx “M4” tech

Our core technology “Martensite *1・ Epitaxy” can materialize with fusion of original “M4” (Material, Machine, Method, Members) technology.
We are able to provide and contribute remarkable innovation to all the semi-conductor industries by growing high quality single-crystal on mulitiple layers, with our ”Multi-functional® interlayer” and “Dynamic lattice matching ” technology.
Gaianixx will commit to provide Technology revolution with continous insatiable curiosity, and contribute the greatest benefit to human kind as Start-up member of “The University of Tokyo”.

*1 Martensite: A metastable phase that occurs mainly when steel is quenched. Phenomena caused by shearing deformation of the crystal like a domino toppling without changing the position of the atoms.

Market Potential

Unending Market Potential

DX and digitalization are advancing in all industries, including automotive, construction, agriculture, healthcare, education, and public services, and the market potential is immeasurable.
Gaianixx’s “Multi-functional® interlayer” can be optimized for different materials and is expected to contibute innovation in all variety of markets.

Examples of Joint Development

A joint research project is ongoing to develop a growth technology that enables high-quality single crystal piezoelectric substrate for medical engineering applications. Achieved industry-leading results for gas sensor applications using PT (PbTiO3) / HfO2, these results were reported at the 38th Ferroelectrics Meeting (FMA38) and at Japanese Journal of Applied Physics* and received a great response.

*Hansol Park, Takeshi Kijima and Hitoshi Tabata, ” Epitaxial growth technique for single-crystalline PbTiO3 thin film on Si substrate using an HfO2 buffer layer”, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 60 SFFB14:


As Start-up company of “The University of Tokyo” we are building an in-depth IP strategy in conjunction with the business plan.
We are actively obtaining rights, including basic patents, by bringing all operations in-house, from designing IP strategies to filing and registration. We are currently pursuing more than 50 patent applications now and plan to increase the number of domestic and foreign patent applications to more than 300 before our IPO.
We also create patent maps and use them to examine business strategies. We create overhead maps and keep a close watch on the trends of other start-up and overseas companies as we respond to them. We also have our eyes on overseas markets and are actively pursuing overseas applications in Europe, the U.S., China, Korea, Taiwan, and other countries.