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Inter layer.

About us

Gaianixx is Technology Start-up founded from The University of Tokyo

Growing Single-crystal on Epitaxial multiple layers has been challenging/difficult in semiconductor industries. Gaianixx Inc., is The University of Tokyo deep-tech start-up company who will bring "New value" and "New future" for semiconductor devices by growing high quality single-crystal layers using proprietary "Multi-functional® interlayer" technology.


Product Examples

High-quality Single-crystalized Epitaxial wafers. Not limited to material of Crystals・Function layers・substrates, by using our only-one "M4" technology and "Multi-functional® interlayer".


Only-one "M4" Gaianixx Technology

Our core technology "Martensite *1・ Epitaxy" can materialize with fusion of original "M4" (Material, Machine, Method, Members) technology.
We are able to provide and contribute remarkable innovation to all the semi-conductor industries by growing high quality single-crystal on mulitiple layers, with our "Multi-functional® interlayer" and "Dynamic lattice matching" technology.
Gaianixx will commit to provide Technology revolution with continous insatiable curiosity, and contribute the greatest benefit to human kind as Start-up member of "The University of Tokyo".

*1 Martensite: A metastable phase that occurs mainly when steel is quenched. Phenomena caused by shearing deformation of the crystal like a domino toppling without changing the position of the atoms.